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First fully staged production of the JeansMusicLab, Intimacy is the result of a deep osmosis between music and video mapping. The visuals have been thought as a slow moving scenography for the music of Beethoven and Schubert, a "gateway to the deep meaning of the music".

While creating the mapping, Sara was inspired by the music, and vice-versa Matthieu gets inspired by the images everytimes he sits into it playing the piano.


The result is a breathtaking concert, where the audience remains stuck to the stage and forgets about time.


The story tells how intimacy appears suddently into music during the first years of XIX century, and composers like Beethoven or Schubert began to unveil themselves trough the notes they wrote.

A profound show about an exciting milestone of the story of humanity.


music by Robert Schumann, visual art design by Sara Caliumi

piano and narration, Matthieu Mantanus | a JeansMusicLab production.

This is the last piece of the concert, Schumann's Träumerei.

The show is available in french, italian and english.




proudly produced by JeansMusicLab


Matthieu Mantanus, concept & piano

Sara Caliumi, visual art design


70 min (no break)

minimum space

10m (large) x 6m (deep) x 7m height

grid for hanging black pvc

technical rider

Space as dark as possible for projection/

grand piano/

Production travels with its own van with the scenes and the necessary video and audio equipment/

musical program
C. Carrara, Caterina from Piano Diaries

L. van Beethoven, op.13 & op. 27 n.2
F. Schubert, impromptu op.90 n. 3 & 4

R. Schumann, Träumerei from Kinderszenen

next planned performances



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