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"When I started contemplating the link between music and elements, my very frst thought went straight to Debussy. Elements are an integral part of his Preludes, for instance. Water is almost ever-present in his music. Water, or wind, were full of mistery, magic and tales to Debussy. My imagination is quite more actual, and ruthless – or maybe just more... human. Here’s the paradox: at first sight electronics might seem the “less human” among musical instruments, due to its digital, non-acoustic nature. But on the contrary, synths bring humans and humankind everywhere in my music" (M. Mantanus)


One of the fascinating features of the concert is technical: the player uses the MIDI output of the piano's"silent system" to activate the synths. So while playing the piano, Matthieu plays at the same time the synths, a kind of "symphonic piano"...

For this concert, we propose a very interesting modality: the "Silent Wifi Concert", a concept developped by italian pianist Andrea Vizzini, where public wears wifi headphones to hear the music. It offers people the incredible liberty to move around listening to the music.


music by M. Mantanus, C. Debussy and M. de Falla

This is Drop of Freedom.


Looking for the meaning of Water in our world, I had thoughts for those who see in water an element of danger, a possible death, like the migrants trying to reach europe across the see... That's the reason why I wanted to include in the piece the touching poem of Eku McGred...

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proudly produced by JeansMusicLab

Matthieu Mantanus, music & performance


65 min (no break)

minimum space

no minimuim space

technical rider

grand piano (or upright for small spaces) with silent system integrated

two active speakers adapted to the dimension of the space.


[silent wifi concert mode] we can provide headphones

musical program

music by M. Mantanus, C. Debussy and M. de Falla


next planned performances



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