The new production we're now working on is a Disklavier liveset, inspired by Chopin's Nocturnes (that are played live during the concert), where the electronic sound of the synths and electronics merges with the acoustic of the piano creating an ambiguous and fascinating new soundscape.

The concert carries in itself a deep reflexion about the role of the artist when we talk about technology in the art: the Yamaha Disklavier is an acoustic piano that can activate it's keyboard and pedals autonomously, following MIDI signals, exactly like a synth. So what about the pianist, when you can play the instrument from the console? Well, guess what? an artist is still needed on board...

The premiere will be held in Milano in collaboration with Yamaha Music Europe, branch Italy and the Fondazione Società dei Concerti during spring 2022 and repeated in Aigle in collaboration with Théâtre Waouw.

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