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Nocturnes électroniques is about the pleasure of immersing one of the most beloved piano repertoires of all times into a brand new different soundscape, in which the piano sound blends into the electronic's, while electricity takes its place among acoustic waves...

With this new project, the Swiss pianist, composer and conductor Matthieu Mantanus and the visual artist Saral Caliumi pursue their research into the contemporary, building bridges between worlds which only rarely meet, but which they prove with their work have a lot to share. Their quest is in the same time free and without complex, and firmly rooted in the tradition and the repertoire.

Seated at the keyboard, Matthieu gives life to the masterpieces Chopin wrote two hundred years ago, and then reinvents them in a fascinating complementary alternation between memory and discovery, since Sara creates on it a world of light that captures the listeners and gives her artistic interpretation of the sound.

"A concerto for automatic piano and electronic orchestra": Matthieu's composition, inspired by Chopin's Nocturnes, has been written for automatic piano (initially for Yamaha Disklavier, but feasable in concert on other kinds of hybrid-pianos) since the mix between digital technology and the acoustic instrument allows him to discover sounds for the piano that two hands, or even four, coundn't play.  In this way, the piano is framed, sustained and accompanied by electronic sounds, creating a brand new sound experience.

full live video available on request:



proudly produced by JeansMusicLab

Matthieu Mantanus, piano & synths

Sara Caliumi, visual art designer


65 min (no break)

minimum space

  • "mapping version": 8m (large) x 3,5m (depth) x 4 m (height), black wall in the back, min 10k projector (inside)

  • "screen version": screen in the back, projector for the artist on stage, projector adapted for the screen.

  • "concert version": no projection = no minimum space


technical rider

Disklavier or Transacoustic or N3X piano (grand piano or upright for small spaces)*

two active speakers + sub adapted to the dimension of the space. If placed in front scene, two monitor for scene

*Feasible with a normal concert piano, Nocturnes électroniques can also be presented, if the organizer wishes, on an "automatic piano" (for example a Yamaha Disklavier, like the one used during the avant-première) in order to use directly the acoustic instrument in the electronic pieces trough MIDI signals.


musical program

music by F. Chopin and M. Mantanus


November 17th, 2022 - Milano (IT) (concert setup)

December 15th, 2022 - Corigliano d'Otranto (IT) (concert setup)

December 16th, 2022 - San Cassiano (IT) (concert setup)

December 17th, 2022 - Caprarica di Lecce (IT) (concert setup)

September 15th, 2023 - Aigle (CH) ( first "mapping version")

November 13th, Matera (IT) ("screen version")


Nocturnes in your venue? contact us!

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